Marriage Ain’t Easy, But…

My wife, Patty, and I have officially been married 28 years! And while I’d like to say that it’s always been great, it hasn’t. But, without a doubt, GOD has been great!

Through 28 years, we’ve been Senior High youth group leaders, given birth and raised 4 kids, and opened our home to countless others during their trying times.

It hasn’t always been great. We’ve had plenty of bumps. But tonight, as I raised my glass to toast my wife, I told her that I am grateful for the joys, grateful for the rough patches, and grateful that God never gave up on us. Even when at times, we thought about giving up on each other.

As you read this, I want to encourage you that God has a great plan for you in your marriage. Sometimes you just have to shovel the crap. And you know, crap makes things grow.

These glasses sum up my heart. I love you, Patty. And Jesus, thank you for guiding us.

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