The Rescue: Be Like Ed

On a cold, wintery day in 1860, a crowded passenger steamer had issues off the shores of Lake Michigan. Lots of people witnessed what was going on, but only one man decided to do something about it. His name was Edward Spencer. Edward swam out through the heavy, icy waves 16 times and rescued 17 people. Afterwards, Edward collapsed in a delirium of exhaustion, and never completely recovered. The rest of his life was lived in broken health. But what’s even more tragic is that in a notice of his death, one paper said that not one of these 17 rescued persons ever thanked him. Not one.

Pretty sad, huh? Yet, how many of us might have honestly done the same? I’m sure all 17 were grateful, but they never took the time to simply say, “thanks”.

There’s a story in the Bible similar to this. Jesus healed 10 men stricken with leprosy. These 10 men had to live in isolation from society to prevent their disease from spreading. How lonely! Yet, after their healing, their introduction back into society, only 1 returned to say, “thanks”.

On this Thanksgiving, I encourage you to stop, reflect, and say thanks. We have many reasons to give thanks. It might not be as dramatic as being rescued from icy waters, or being healed from a disease, but what in your life have you been “rescued” from? Feel free to drop a comment. I’d love to pray for you!

Give thanks. Go make a difference. And always, Run by faith.

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