My wife Patty loves doing puzzles! She is REALLY good at it. Recently, she bought a 1,000 piece Alfred Hitchcock mystery jigsaw puzzle based on classic mysteries.

First, Patty had to read a short mystery. Then, as she assembled the puzzle, unexpected clues appeared to help solve the mystery. And, like a good mystery, there’s a twist. The puzzle image is different than the box cover. Whoa!

Patty worked several hours to put this puzzle together, only to realize that 1 piece was missing. UGH! We have no idea if our new puppies enjoyed a snack. Or, if I accidentally sucked it up with the vacuum. All I know is that she worked SO hard for so many hours, only to come up short to being complete. (Look closely at the picture, and you’ll see the missing piece).

I’m so grateful that we are complete in Christ. Colossians 2:10 reminds me of that. “I am complete in Him“. In a world that’s empty, there is fullness in Christ. WE are a completed puzzle! Now THAT is a mystery only Jesus can write!

You’re complete! Go make a difference. Always run by faith!

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