Ever have that moment when someone pops into your mind completely out the blue? It happend to me just the other day.

I have no idea why, but a friend popped into my mind. Whenever that happens, I try to send a quick message and just touch base. It is a good thing that I did.

My friend, unbeknownst to me, is in the process of making a very difficult decision. I’m not going to go into detail, but I will say that this friend was super grateful to know that someone was reaching out. (I don’t take credit for this. This was all God)

It did get me thinking, how many times do we ignore the still small voice, and just blow it off? What if I didn’t reach out at just that moment?

I encourage you to not only listen for the still small voice, which I believe is the nudge from God, but act on it!

If you have a time in which you acted on “the nudge”, or someone reached out to you after getting “the nudge”, let me know in the comments below.

Listen for “the nudge”. Go make a difference. Always run by faith!

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