Little fact about me, I LOVE things to be clean, and in their place. (I think I get this from my Grandma). Her house was always clean, and always in order. Everything had its place, and was always in-order. When things are a mess, and out of place, it literally makes me anxious.

That said, you’ll always find my side of the bed nice and tidy. My car is very clean. In fact, I use the car wash 5 times a week. And my side of the closet is organized by color.

My wife, Patty, doesn’t have this same “calling”.

Now, before you think that this blog is about doggin’ on my wife, Patty, hold up! Patty has a cleaning passion that I do not. To quote the Prophet, Don Henley, “I’ve been tryin’ to get down, to the heart of the matter…”.

Patty is a deep cleaner. I am not. I like things put away on the surface, so that the room is pleasing to the eye. Patty goes even deeper than that. She’ll make sure baseboards are clean. Spots are out of the carpet. And dust is removed from the vent covers. Patty gets, “to the heart of the matter”.

There’s an important lesson in the way Patty cleans. 1 Samuel 16:7 says, “Humans look at outward appearances, but the LORD looks into the heart”. We all tend to look at things from an outward appearance. (How does the room look? Why are the clothes on the floor? Whose papers are these? ) But God goes deeper. Like Patty’s cleaning, God is more concerned about “deeper things”. What’s happening behind the appearance? What’s really at the core of what’s going on? God is interested in your heart.

I encourage you to allow God to do some deep, thorough cleaning. the deeper, the better. Let Him take a big bottle of spiritual Windex into your life, and watch the room of your heart shine!

Deep clean. Go make a difference. Always run by faith!

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