When Life Makes You Want To Say Bad Words

Sometimes, life stinks. Ever feel that way? Yeah, me too. Whoa! Wait. You’re surprised that I’m saying that? C’mon, circumstances happen. Admittedly, I’ve had a bit of a rough stretch. Nothing life altering, but just some tough stuff. Stuff that is frustrating. Stuff that is time consuming. Stuff that makes you want to say bad […]

My New Favorite Trail

We all put up with some pretty crappy weather in Michigan. Yet, in spite of months of grey skies, we reap the blessing of summer! In reality, God created something special with Michigan. It really is a beautiful place to live. And, a beautiful place to explore and run! Recently, my wife, daughter and I […]

40 Little Things COVID-19 Has Taught Us

Well, it’s been a strange 10-ish weeks, hasn’t it? 10 weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic first reared its ugly head. Lives lost. Jobs furloughed. Events canceled. It’s pretty much sucked, right? So, I’m going to take a moment to share a few of the “little things in life” that I believe COVID-19 has taught us […]

Thank You, Mr. Trombone Man

My wife, Patty, and I recently bought a GoPro. We bought it to capture moments on trails, trips, and simply being tourists. But what I saw using my GoPro for the first time, was simply inspiring. It was 9:15 on an overcast Tuesday morning. Perfect morning to try out my GoPro for the first time. […]

DIY Project: Pallet Wood Coffee Rack

During this time of “shelter in place”, we have all seen some great DIY projects. People becoming artists, decorators, and chefs before our very eyes. So, I figured, “hey, I can get in this game!” I saw a DIY project which turned an old pallet into a coffee mug rack. And, with the enormous amount […]

A Lesson Each Of Us Can Learn From Driving

They’re annoying, but helpful. They’re loud, but necessary. They are chatter bumps. C’mon. You know what chatter bumps are, right? Here’s the definition. Chatter bumps: a small depression in a roadbed, usually occurring in series and creating a corrugated or rippled surface.  Now you’ve got it, right? Those little bumps on the side of the […]

Maybe Being Quarantined Isn’t A Bad Thing

Have you ever noticed that adversity can bring out the best in you? Yes. Adversity can bring you to a place of growth. We have all witnessed some hesdline-making things since the onset of COVID-19. Our workers on the frontlines logging extended hours. Companies turning their everyday businesses into making masks and ventilators. Even restaurants, […]