RAGNAR: Run. Drive. Sleep. Repeat.

My finisher medal says it best, “The wildest experiences become the best stories”. And after 200 miles, and very little sleep, this is 100% on point! It’s called RAGNAR. Here’s the skinny. You put together a team of 12 people, and run roughly 200 miles. From city streets to sidewalks, to bike paths and blowing […]

Not Your Typical Taco Tuesday

Shells. Meat. Cheese. Ah yes, the blessing of Taco Tuesday. But, on this warm night, it was shells, meat, cheese, hills and trails. Not your typical Taco Tuesday. This was Taco Tuesday at Cannonsburg Ski Lodge in Belmont, Michigan. On select Tuesday nights, Cannonsburg offers runners, walkers, hikers and bikers the opportunity to use their […]