Never Stop Improving

Here’s a bit of advice from me to you, never ask for my help when it comes to fixing things. And when I say, “things”, I mean all THINGS! I am NOT a fix-it guy. At. All. I try. In fact, I try hard. But, I always seem to find a way to mess things up. That said, one of the last places you’ll ever find me is a home improvement store. Which is why it’s odd that I actually learned something when I was recently at Lowe’s. (Truth be told, my wife, Patty, is the one that wanted to go to Lowe’s, I just tagged along.) And, it was so powerful, I’m blogging about it.

Somewhere inside the headquarters of Lowe’s, a highly paid consultant came up with their slogan. They meant it for “do-it-yourself” projects. But, to me, it means something completely different. Their slogan? ” Never Stop Improving”. (insert mind-blown emoji here) Why is this so powerful? Because it’s the truth! We should, Never Stop Improving.

Let’s try a little exercise. When you see the following words in italics, say aloud, or to yourself, “Never Stop Improving“. Ready?

In your relationships: Never Stop Improving.  
In your health: Never Stop Improving.
In your quiet time/Prayer time. Never Stop Improving.
In your job: Never Stop Improving.
In your goals: Never Stop Improving.
In your family: Never Stop Improving.
In all things: Never Stop Improving.
In your relationship with God: Never Stop Improving.

Pretty crazy huh? We should never stop improving. As a runner, I try to better my time, or my distance, or my breathing. As a husband, I try to improve in my relationship with my wife. In my family, I want to leave a legacy, and that takes work. In my quiet time/prayer time, I try listen more, read more, gain more insight as to what God is saying to me. In my job, I never want to to be average. It all takes improvement.

To be honest, for a few years, I had my priorities out of whack. I was improving in some areas, and tanking in others. The areas that I was trying to improve in might have improved, but the most important ones struggled – my marriage and my relationship with God. But, once I got my priorities straight, all things changed.

Today, because I never stopped improving, my relationship with God is tight. And my marriage? Never been better! And, my wife, Patty, is my best friend.

Ya know, I’m grateful for Patty taking me to Lowe’s, (although I still have no clue what we were looking for) because their simple reminder to, “Never Stop Improving” challenged me. So, I leave you with this, where do YOU need to improve?

Never stop improving, keep making a difference, and run by faith!

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  1. This! I am printing this and putting it next to my computer. This is the best daily reminder. ❤️

    Thank you for sharing!


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