• Life Is Short. God Is Good.

    September 9, 2021 by

    Today, I should be texting my sister, “Happy Birthday”. Today, I should be eating cake and ice cream. Today, should be the day my sister, Kelly, turns 46. My sister, Kelly, left this “home” on January 9, 2001. Her life was taken short from a rare disease called, “Wegener’s”. Kelly was only 25. My children… Read more

  • Running By Faith

    July 6, 2019 by

    Running the miles. Sharing the encouragement! Hi. I’m Tommy, and I love to run. I love encouraging people! And, I choose to Run by Faith! What does “Run by Faith” mean? Pretty simple, really. My favorite book, the Bible, has a great quote that says to, “walk by faith, not by sight“. Well, as a… Read more

  • A Difference Maker: My Tribute to Dan Brainard

    October 10, 2021 by

    West Michigan lost the most encouraging runner in the running community: Dan Brainard. God called Dan home on Sept 30, 2021. Dan was truly one of a kind. He was also one of my closet friends. I was asked to share a few words about Dan at his funeral. Or, as we believed, his celebration… Read more

  • 7 Simple Words That Changed The World

    September 25, 2021 by

    Why do we make things more difficult than they need to be? Sometimes, I think it’s to make us look, or feel, smarter. There’s a lot to be said with keeping things simple. A runner, let’s call him Dave, said to another runner, we’ll call her Aubry, “You’re so fast! How do I run faster?”… Read more

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