Do you remember the song, “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen? In the song, Bruce sings about looking back at the good ol’ days of life. “Glory Days, yeah they pass you by…” Basically meaning that today is blah, nothing new, and life is boring compared to those days.

I read a wonderful quote by Paul David Tripp, “The best of life is found when you live for a glory, vastly greater than your own. That is, the glory of God.”

I talk to people who continue to say, as they have aged, “My life is better today than it was several years ago.” These people don’t move as well as they did. They have more wrinkles. And yet, they’re more joyful than ever! The reason? They find that they are growing in their relationship with the Lord.

It’s OK to reminisce about, “The Glory Days”, but, I believe your best days are still ahead of you! Start today, before they “pass you by”.

Live for a glory vastly greater than your own. Go make a difference. Always Run by Faith!

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