Are You A “Swamp Thing”? Or A “River Liver”?

Michigan is the Great Lakes state. We thrive on fresh water. No salt. No sharks. No jellyfish.

While we have plenty of fresh water, we also have our share of swamps.

Recently, I was asked, “do I want my life to be like a river or a swamp? ” A River receives fresh water and gives away fresh water.  A Swamp just receives and hoards.  I’d much rather drink from a river than from nasty swamp water.

As you head into your week, I ask you the same question, “do YOU want your life to be like a river or a swamp?” Do you want to give and give to bless others? Or simply take and never give back?

Live in such a way that someone wants to name a river after you! 

Flow like a river. Go make a difference. Always run by faith!

(Inspired by a message I heard from Cornerstone Church)

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