A New Year’s Resolution That Won’t Fail

Every year you say it, “Oh this is the year. I’m sticking to my resolution!” Yeah right! We keep resolving to lose weight, eat healthier, stop doing this, start doing that. Enough already!

A few years ago, I was asked to be the voice to an audiobook called, “My One Word” by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen. I’d never heard of this book before I walked into the recording booth, but I tell you what, it’s changed me.

“The concept of My One Word is simple. Lose the long list of resolutions – all your sweeping promises to change – and do something about one thing this year instead of nothing about everything”. Straight and to the point, huh? “Choose just one word that represents what you most hope God will do in you, and focus on it for an entire year”.

I was immediately hooked. As I voiced this audiobook, I pictured lives being changed. Resolutions ditched. Promises broken no more. But how do you pick one single word? Good question! For me, it is through prayer. I simply ask God what He wants to do in me. And, I also dig a little deeper into my own life and see what I need to change. Crazy enough, they both always line up beautifully.

Here’s a screenshot if you’d like to listen to the My One Word audiobook.

To give you an idea, here are the words I’ve chosen for the last 3 years. 2017 was Opportunity. 2018 was Inspire. 2019 was Transform.  That said, these words really do change you!

In 2017, I chose Opportunity. That same year, my job changed. Corporate America pulled our morning show into a meeting, and pulled the plug. Wow! That’s not the opportunity I was thinking about. Yet, God opened a door to a new opportunity. A new job at a new radio station in JOY 99. One that could not have happened, unless the door was closed on my former station, to make way for this new opportunity. He also brought opportunity in my passion for running with new races, and new friendships. Friendships that have deepened. Friendships that have grown me and challenged me. Friendships I still have today!

2018 was a fresh new start with a new radio station in Joy 99. An opportunity to Inspire people. Not just on the radio, but in my running community. You see, I love people. I love getting to know them. Hearing their struggles, and letting God open an door to an Inspiring word! I had training runs where we laughed, we swapped stories of struggles, and sometimes there were tears. But, whether I had the opportunity to inspire someone, or someone inspired me, inspiration was always a common theme.

As you focus on your word over an extended period of time, you position yourself for God to form your character at a deep, sustainable level. Growth and change will result.

Mike Ashcraft

And this last year, I wanted to Transform my life. From health, to my running goals. From helping to shape people’s lives, to letting God transform me. Well, it has worked. I’m healthier. I’ve shaved 7 minutes off of my Marathon time. God has opened doors for me to create some deeper relationships with friends, and yes, my time with God has been special. He’s done some needed ‘surgery’ in my own life, too. He’s transformed me in many ways. ALL for the better!

So, what about you? What will be your “focus” for 2020? I encourage you to skip the resolution, and try focusing on One Word. Drop a comment, and let me know what your One Word for 2020 will be? And, if you’re interested in picking up this book, it’s available through Zondervan Publishing at Zondervan.com or simply search for the audiobook.  I’d count it a privilege to have the opportunity to inspire you as the voice of My One Word and transform your life, too.

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