Maybe Being Quarantined Isn’t A Bad Thing

Have you ever noticed that adversity can bring out the best in you? Yes. Adversity can bring you to a place of growth.

We have all witnessed some hesdline-making things since the onset of COVID-19. Our workers on the frontlines logging extended hours. Companies turning their everyday businesses into making masks and ventilators. Even restaurants, who have been hit particularly hard, offering meals and showing extra love to first responders.

We’ve also noticed a few less publicized things. Chalk art featuring encouragement. Neighbors taking more walks. Even strangers waving to each other saying, “God Bless You”.

Personally, I’ve been inspired by much less publicized people, and their stories. They are so good, I believe that you should hear about them. I was motivated by a friend, Lance, who, after struggling to get up and go run, ran a half marathon, after signing up for the virtual race the night before.

I was inspired by a friend, Brian, who helped raise money for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital by running his own, “Kelsey Street Marathon”. Yep. This was a marathon through his neighborhood.  Complete with his neighbors hosting their own cheer stations.

I love the homemade bib and medal!

And, even some of the simplest of things. Like Ella, who has been posting songs with her playing guitar and showing off her musical skills on Facebook.

Some families have baked cookies and dropped them off to first responders. While other families have made their own hand sanitizer and shared it among friends.

Adversity has a way of bringing out the best in us. It is NOT easy. But, it sure does make you grow.

I have always loved this quote about adversity, “when it seems as though you are facing nothing but difficulties, see it as an invaluable opportunity to experience the greatest joy that you can! For you know that when your faith is tested it stirs up power within you to endure all things”. James 1:2‭-‬3 TPT

Today, if you’re facing adversity, how will YOU rise up? How will YOU endure? Maybe being quarantined isn’t a bad thing, afterall?

Endure. Keep making a difference. And always Run By Faith.

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