40 Little Things COVID-19 Has Taught Us

Well, it’s been a strange 10-ish weeks, hasn’t it? 10 weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic first reared its ugly head. Lives lost. Jobs furloughed. Events canceled. It’s pretty much sucked, right?

So, I’m going to take a moment to share a few of the “little things in life” that I believe COVID-19 has taught us to celebrate a little bit more.

Faith. Smiles. Friends. Health. Hugs. Family. Nurses. Doctors. Technology. Gatherings. Coffee. Pets. Jobs. Income. Graduation. Sunshine. DIY projects. Zoom. Running. Biking. First responders. Haircuts. Netflix. Traveling. Race day. Grocery shopping. Restaurants. Walks. Teachers. Appointments. Cleaning. Staying home more. Cheaper gas prices. Game board games. Toilet paper. Less traffic. Music. Imagination. Sidewalk chalk. Fitness. And, I’ll say it again, faith!

I know that there are many more things that could be on this list, and I encourage you to add your “little thing” in the comments.

Friends, this has been a strange 2020.  But, moving forward, if we celebrate the little things that we’ve learned to cherish, what kind of difference will we see in our lives?

Moving forward, if we don’t implement some of the things we have had to adjust to over the last 10 weeks, we’ll only return to what was. We have all learned so much. I would hate to see us all slip back into some of the same routines and habits we all began to realize were unhealthy.

Similar to when Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt. They were in slavery and bondage. When they were finally freed, they actually missed their old lifestyle. They were willing to go back to what they hated, because it was all they ever knew. Oh, the little faith! God has so much for us!

Let’s not be like that. Let’s be different. Let’s move forward,   take what we’ve learned, and continue to find new ways, and things, to enjoy.

Keep celebrating the little things. Make a difference. And Run By Faith.

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