I’m Tommy, and I run by faith. Recently, I was out for a run after a fresh 5 inch West Michigan snowfall.  With the thick snow hanging from the tress, it was a blanket of Pure Michigan white . Well, except for the little pile of yellow snow. Sorry to ruin your Normal Rockwell moment, but I do have a point.  That yellow snow was some dog’s way of marking his territory.  I don’t know his breed. I don’t know his color, all I know is that it was a reminder that he was there.  The Bible tells of many events in which stones were used to serve as a reminder that something significant happened. Moses built 12 standing stones at the foot of Mt. Sinai after receiving the 10 commandments and other laws. The Israelites placed standing stones as a reminder of the crossing of the Jordan River. Do you have something to remind of where you’ve been? Perhaps it’s a plaque. Or, a picture. Maybe even a scar.  

Leave your mark. Go make a difference. Always Run By Faith.

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