In West Michigan, kids, and some adults, can’t wait for the very first snowfall.  There’s something magical about it. The other day, after said first snowfall, while running through my neighborhood, I saw a Dad and his two kids building a snowman. Well, Dad was building, and the kids were making snow angels.  As I ran past him I said, “You get the Dad of the year award!” We had a good laugh. 

Later in the week, rain moved in and melted the snow. The only thing left standing was the snowman.  It was a reminder of, “what was”.  And he lasted for several days, too. 

In the Bible, a guy named Joshua made a monument of 12 stones in the middle of the Jordan River. It was to serve as a reminder to his people of the crossing of the Jordan river.  Every time people saw the stones, it served as a reminder of “what was”. A reminder of when God performed a miracle. 

Do you have something in your house, car, or life, that reminds you of a time in which God showed up? I’d like to encourage you, create your own standing stones, or, if you live near snow, build a snowman. But, stones last longer. 

Build your monument. Go make a difference. And always Run By Faith.

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