Patty and I have now been married for 29 years. WOW! On our honeymoon, we traveled to Orlando, and enjoyed time with each other, and hung out at the theme parks.

Patty has learned, I’ve always enjoyed learning the origins of words and phrases. There’s just something about knowing the backstory that has always fascinated me. That said, I was shocked to learn the origin of the word “Honeymoon”.

According to the label on Honeywood Oregon Mead,

The daring warriors of the 10th century drank a honey-based drink called MEAD, which was originally discovered by the monks who used exces Honey to produce a drink of superior excellence. The warriors of these bygone days drank Mead to instill in themselves fearlessness and strength. Mead was believed to have powers of fertility and vitality. The bride and groom at Medival weddings drank Mead for one full moon after their wedding — hence the term Honeymoon, still used to this day.

Honeywood Oregon Mead

You’re welcome! And remember, knowledge is power!

Keep learning. Go make a difference. Always Run by Faith!

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