This Memorial Day weekend, I spent a wonderful time in Traverse City, Michigan. I went there to run the Bayshore Half Marathon, but left with more than a medal. I left with wonderful, lifelong memories.

Ah! The feeling of the post race!

Because I am an early riser, I went and ran along the shores of Grand Traverse Bay as the sun was making its way into the day. I love a sunrise!

After i finished my morning run, I walked the shoreline, and came across this interesting little spot by a tree. It appears to be a memorial to someone.

Someone was remebering someone. Perhaps, marking an occasion. Whatever it was, it was their way of “remebering”. How fitting for Memorial Day Weekend, huh?

I love the story in the Bible in Joshua 4, where God commands the Israelites to cross the Jordan River, which he miraculously stopped. Afterwards Joshua built a monument made of stones to remind the people of God’s love and miraculous victory.

My challenge for you is this, “If today, you could build a memorial to remember someone, or something significant in your life, what would it be?” And, more importantly, why?

Would it be a memorial to remember the day you quit your addiction? A landmark to commorate a special occasion? This is not a trick question, it is just something between you and God.

Make Memorial Day, memorable. Go make a difference. Always run by faith.

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