Have you seen the show, “My Strange Addiction”? It tells the stories of people battling obsessive behavior. Things like thumb sucking, eating toilet paper, excessive tanning and other strange fixations.

My “obsession” isn’t that strange. But, I will admit that I do it more often than most people that I know. I’m obsessed with getting my car washed!

I get my car washed 4 or 5 times a week. It isn’t only to keep my car clean, but it reminds of a simple truth: I come in dirty, and drive away shiny and clean.

It is similar to how I feel before I come to God. I am a dirty mess, but after a good washing, (time of praying, spending time with God) I come away all sparkly and cleaned up.

Then, as I head to the exit, I see this sign.

What a simple, powerful reminder. Though I’m a dirty mess, because of Jesus, I’m able to get cleaned up and READY TO SHINE!

Get clean. Go shine. Always run by faith.

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