Recently, I was in Florida for a wedding. It was wonderful to run some early morning miles, soak up some sun, and sit by the water, I just wish I knew more about one tiny issue.

The issue is a little bug that people call “no-see-ums”. Why? Because you can’t see them, but they sure see YOU!

Apparently, they are small and have a big appetite for exposed skin. (Like my legs!)

OH MY WORD, do these bites itch! I’ve been putting anti-itch cream on, and it does help. But they itch like poison ivy!

Here’s the lesson I’ve learned. While running, I was on the lookout for big things like gators in the pond, snakes, and getting pooped on by birds. I was never prepared for no-see-ums.

Many times, we’re on the lookout for the big, dangerous things in life. But, we often miss those small things that don’t seem like a big deal. But, if you don’t pay attention, they’ll bite ya!

Is there something in your life that’s currently a ‘no-see-um’?

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8 NIV

Avoid no-see-ums. Go make a difference. Always run by faith. Oh, and I’d love for you to subscribe for more encouragement!

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  1. Great story! Ask our mutual friend how tasty she is! I did not have one bite. We read everyone gets bitten, but some are more allergic than others. You must be very sensitive to them as well!


    1. No we never found the fob. Done so much yard work thinking we would find it. Now we have air tags on everything. Maybe that’s the lesson.


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