“Where’s the remote?” We’ve all heard that. We’ve all lost that. You search everywhere and everything. You call your family search party and hunt! But is there something else you can do?

The other day, my daughter lost a remote to something that controls a  special light in her bedroom. It’s one of those remotes that, if it is lost, is a lost cause.

She was getting very frustrated. My wife joined the search party. The few minutes turned to a few more minutes. I could hear their frustration about “something” from upstairs.

As I walked into the room, I could feel the frustration. I was given an immediate invite to “the party” and joined in on the hunt.

“Can we pray about this for a moment?” I asked. I wasn’t trying to come across as arrogant. I have learned from too many other “search parties” that praying first is the best option. 

After a brief prayer of, “Lord, give us some help. Show us where this remote is. In Jesus name. Amen”.  We began the search.

After about 10 minutes of looking what felt like everywhere, I reached into a box on a top shelf, and boom there it was. It was a box I had moved around once or twice before. But this time, I actually put my hand into the box, “Just to rule it out:. Well, that was exactly what needed to be done. Search party called off! Remote found

God cares about ALL of our needs. The big ones. The small ones. The things you would think He’d remotely care about. Like, a remote.

Pray first.  Act second. Go make a . Always run by faith.

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