Going Rogue: Rogue River Park Review

How often do YOU run the same route? I feel like I always do. Now, that said, there are some benefits.

  1. I know the exact place where each mile lands. (Fire hydrants, tall grasses, telephone poles)
  2. I basically know how long the route is going to take for me to complete it.
  3. When you run a familiar area, you do feel safer.

But, it gets very mundane, right?

That’s why I love running with my Gazelle Sports Run Camp. Each week, we have a different place to meet up, and get our miles in.

I was recently introduced to Rogue River Park in Belmont, Michigan. A well thought out Trail Head, with a restroom, and lots of parking!

We met up on a HOT Saturday morning. The temp was 74° at 7:30, with 80% humidity. It was like walking into the mouth of a dog!

For the last few months, I’ve been running inBrooks Adrenaline shoes. But, thanks to Gazelle Sports. teaming up with Topo, I decided to try Topo shoes. (Which were very comfy with a low drop)

The low drop did take a bit of an adjustment, but once I settled in, i really liked the comfort and ease of the stride. I really liked the shoe!

We headed north on the trail toward the city of Rockford, MI. (Which is about 3.5 miles from the Trail Head) It’s a very shaded trail. But, be prepared, when you head north, it’s a long gradual incline.

One of the best parts of the trail? It is very shaded. That’s a major blessing in the heat!

The scenery getting to Rockford was great, too. I loved the views of Rogue River! However, make sure you’re lubed up on Bug Spray as flies and other bugs could find you delicious.

One of the highlights was entering Rockford. As I ran over a beautiful bridge, I noticed a farmers market to my right. And, heavenly smells coming from several restaurants. I also loved the fact that we ran along Rogue River. It’s hard to beat that view!

After crossing over a small wooden boardwalk, we arrived at our water stop. (Here’s video I shot at Mile 4)

As we turned back, and headed for the trail head, the sun was definitely beating down! Again, another reason to be thankful for a shaded trail! Oh, and since we spent the majority of the run north with a gradual incline, the run south was a decline. (Cue the Hallelujah Chorus)

After we got back to the trail head, a few of my friends wanted to try on a demo pair of Topo Shoes. So, we took off and ran another 2 miles. This time, we headed south.

Heading south felt much more urban. We did run under a nice little bridge, and we even saw a Deer run alongside a fence. But, for the most part, we saw lots of houses and swingsets.

At this point, I was pretty spent! We pulled off a 8:27 pace in that heat and humidity. My calves were burning, and I was ready to be done.

Oh, and as you head to Rogue River Park, grab money! I found these little treasures for a post-run reward.

If you known of any cool trails, or areas, that I should check out, please let me know!

Keep making a difference, and Run By Faith!

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed the shaded Rogue River trail run with my Gazelle Run Group peeps. Very scenic along the river and wildlife (deer) occasionally visit the trail edges…


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