Hello friends. I feel the need to post this short, short blog today.

My sister, Kelly, left this “home” 20 years ago today, January 9, 2001. She died from a nasty disease called Wegener’s Disease. Kelly was only 25.

I am grateful for the promise of Heaven. Kelly loved Jesus, and I have no doubt where she is today. She was always full of laughs, smiles, jokes, and lots of love. Kelly was my only sibling.

I’m asking you for a favor today. Would you take a moment and simply text/call your sibling (s), and say, “I Love You”? My sister is gone. I don’t have the opportunity to do this anymore. If you have a sibling, I encourage you to reach out today. It only takes a few minutes. Use an emoji if need be. Share a funny memory. Or, whatever is coming to your mind as you’re reading this. And, if need be, push differences aside, and reach out. It would mean a lot to me for you to simply connect.

Here is a picture of Kelly. I miss her, and look forward to seeing her again. And yes, I know that I will!

Go make a difference, and Run By Faith!

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  1. She was a great kid! I always loved her smile and her laugh. I lost my Mom in 2001. I understand the hole that grief creates in your heart. You, Patty and your Mom are in my prayers. I love you!

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