Think Twice Before Hitting Send

Your phone dings. Your wrist buzzes. You’re being notified.  Someone wants your attention. It’s a text! But what happens when you swipe to open the text?

Did you know that you can change someone’s day with a simple text? Encouragement in the palm of your hand! Think about it. It could be a co-worker needing help. A family member saying, “I love you”. Or, a friend asking for advice.

But, it can also be discouragement in the palm of your hand. Think about it. A co-worker ripping on another, causing you to do the same. A family member saying, “I’m sick of you”. Or, a friend saying something so harsh, it breaks your heart.

Today, I encourage you to think twice about that text before hitting send. Does it bring life? Or does it breed, “death”. You hold a pretty powerful weapon in your hand. That 3×6 inch device has the power to help speak “life” into someone. And, it can bring almost a “death” to the heart. Words last.

Remember getting a card, letter, or email, from someone you cared deeply about? Perhaps it was your first love! Oh, you held onto that thing for dear life! (My wife still has love letters from when we dated) It’s stored away in a drawer, a memory box, or even flagged in your inbox. Sometimes, you think of that person, you reach for the letter. and read it again. Why? Because it brings you feelings of love. But, what about the “breakup letter”? A rejection letter? A “letter of termination”? Chances are, you tossed it. Those things hurt to read. You don’t hold onto them, but they’re etched in your memory. You’re skin might be crawling even as you read this.

Today, there could be a text you revisit to bring you a feeling of peace and love.  Recently, my Aunt passed away. Our last text exchange went like this, I said, “I love you”. She said, ” you’re so sweet. I love you.” That is a text I will never delete!

Are there any texts you wish you had never sent? Or, texts you’re holding onto that need to be deleted?

I encourage you to stop, “bitter texting”, and delete any “harsh texts” you keep re-reading that do nothing but cause you pain.  Remember, build up, don’t tear down.

Text with care.  Run by faith. Go make a difference!

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  1. Good stuff! We as people are so quick to respond to negativity without thinking of our response and just how hurtful our words can be. I know I’m guilty of it!!! Thank you for this reminder! Speak life no matter what!


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