If Gerbils Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Gerbils. I feel sorry for them. It’s the same thing everyday. They wake up, eat, and then their idea of excitement is hitting that spinning wheel. You know the one? The one that takes them nowhere but around and around. Some life, huh?

But ya know what? I bet you’re more like a gerbil than you think. Do you find yourself doing the same thing every day? Same wake up time. Same breakfast. Same route to work. Same ———. (fill in your “same” here)

I’m more like a gerbil than I realize. I’m very routine. It helps keep me on track. I try to run at the same time every day. Read my Bible at the same time every day. In fact, I rarely shake things up. But, thank God for Wednesday! No, not Friday, Wednesday.

Wednesday is one of 2 days that I take off from running. It’s a day that I pop in a Focus T25 Stretch DVD from Beachbody. (Thanks Shaun T) It’s a hard core stretch workout, complete with some yoga, focus stretching, and breathing. It’s not as intense as a long run, or hill repeats, but I actually feel a bit more refreshed. It’s different. And, it’s a change to my routine.

That said, basically everything else in my day remains the same. (Insert shoulder shrug emoji) But, this subtle change has me thinking about a few more ways to alter my normal routine. What if I change the day I vacuum? (Every Friday) Read my Bible in a different spot. (Maybe by the Lake, or in the front living room) Or, cook breakfast for dinner! (My alarm goes off at 3:30a.m. so, I don’t often get a normal breakfast)

Now, not all routines are bad. But, what about you? Maybe it’s a need to break a bad routine, and create a new, “healthier” one. Try taking a walk. Try a new recipe. I’ve even found lots of enjoyment, and benefit, reading a new Proverb every day. It works great! There’s 31 days in most months, and 31 Proverbs. (But if I keep doing this, does that become, ‘routine’?) Anyway..

Are you finding yourself on the spinning wheel? Doing the same thing every day? Step back. Look at your day. What can you change, or alter? Or, I’ll say it this way, if Gerbils could talk, what would they say to you?

Thanks for reading. Break up your routine, and instead of just hitting delete, hit that Subscribe button. Keep making a difference, and Run By Faith.

P.S. That’s one routine I pray you never change.

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