Can You Really Work Up A Sweat Sitting Against A Wall?

Sitting against a wall. It shouldn’t be a big deal, right? WRONG! Welcome to the world of “wall sits”. Hated, and feared, by volleyball and basketball players, wall sits simply, “bring the pain”.

January, our #planksquad made the decision to build up to a 5 minute plank. Little by little, day by day, we worked our way up to achieve our 5 minute plank goal with success. So, for February, making a goal of 3:20, while sitting against a wall, should be much easier right? Once again, WRONG!

We began the month of February with a 10 second wall sit. Then basically everyday, we added 10 seconds. Throw in a day of rest every 7th day, and by the 31st calendar day, we were ready to tear that wall down for 3:20.

Everyday, our team of wall sitters posted their daily wall sit on Facebook. Plus, we tagged each other to show accountability. (This is the same principal we did in January with our “#planksquad”). Let me tell ya, accountability is a BIG factor to keep you going, even when you just don’t feel like it. In addition to #planksquad, we also added #mindandbodytribe and #breakingdownwalls.

A beautiful night to sit against a wall!

As a tribe, we decided to do our, “challenge meet up” at Core Life Eatery in Grandville. Core Life is a healthy restaurant with plenty of room, and more importantly, lots of wall space. We chose the time of 6:30 to meet, then wall sit, then eat. Easy Peasy, right? WRONG!

I’m a big believer in being thankful in all things!

There was another large group that got there before us and grabbed the large wall sit area we planned on using. While at first this appeared to be an issue, we figured, ‘hey all we really need is a few feet of room, and a wall to lean on’. Plan in place.

Before we got into “wall sit position”, we huddled up for a moment of prayer. It was a prayer of gratitude, for safety, and a prayer of thanks for what we were about to accomplish. I’m a big believer in being thankful in all things. We all said a loud “AMEN!”, found our random areas inside of Core Life, and ‘popped a squat.’

We all look so happy, while sitting through a touch of misery!
Patty is a dancin’ away!
Holly is showing off her own dance moves, alongside with Tim and Keith .
Lynsey is cranking her wallsit to “Grace Got You” by Mercy Me
Carrie, Betsey and Rose just making wall sits look easy.
Is Jenny concentrating? Or dreaming of her Core Life dinner? I think Rachel never stops smiling.

As you noticed, some of us chose to listen to music with earbuds, while some talked. Me? I went with a classic, “Let’s Go” by one of my favorite 80’s bands, The Cars. Why? It’s just above the required 3:20 wall sit. (And yes, the hand claps in the song also help)

One of my favorite memories of the entire night happened during the “Wall Sit Challenge”. One of the workers from Core Life decided to join us for all 3:20. How in the world did she do 3:20 without daily practice? Sheesh Tommy, jealous much?!

This is impressive! No practice. All Smiles.

Here’s something else that was cool. As our wall sit tribe expanded throughout the month, more and more people wanted to join us for our meet up at Core Life. But, due to prior commitments, many weren’t able to go. However, all you need is a wall, right? This pic was sent to us by one of our “Wall Sit Tribe” members.

Way to go Ladies!

As we heard our timers go off at 3:20, we all cheered, gave high fives, and were ready to celebrate with a meal! But first, one final group shot!

So, what’s next? For the month of March, we’re doing a Push-up Challenge. The goal is to get to 50 Push-Ups in 31 days. We’ve even created 3 different workout calendars to help you get to your goal, based on your fitness level.

We’d love to have you join our tribe! Just drop a comment below so we can stay connected!

Keep making a difference, and Run By Faith!

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