Several Years ago, I was in a 12 person relay race called, RAGNAR. The race territory covered 200 miles. One runner would pass a baton to another runner. Then, we’d drive to the next destination, and wait for that runner to pass the baton so that the next runner could go. Then, on and on, and on. Once you’re passed the baton, you take off and run. Until you get the baton, you wait.

Guess what?  Today, I’m encouraging you to take the baton, and run! Volunteer. Serve. Get involved. Community. School. Church. Just grab the baton and get involved. What are you waiting for?

There may be something inside you right now saying, “how can I do this?” Let me say this, how can you NOT?  I know what you’re thinking, “it’ll be a headache” “my schedule is already chaotic”.  But I’m here to tell you, God will help you make a way! 

Serving is joining. And it is good to be part of something bigger than yourself. For me, I have found that serving at church is a very safe place to get involved. Besides, I’m doing God’s work. 

Where’s God calling you to serve.  Food pantry? A shelter? At school? As a mentor? Talk to someone and let them know, “I want the baton!”

Take the baton.  Go make a difference. And always Run By Faith!

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