People love to get free food samples at grocery stores. And have you noticed that they’ll pretty much try anything? That’s the point, right? Sometimes you’re skeptical on how it’s going to taste. But, you never know til you try it, right? That sample pushes you from, “I’m not sure about that…” to, “I kind of like that!”

I believe the same can be said about how we live our faith life. When someone sees you living in a way that is encouraging, a life filled with joy, a life that brings peace, more people are willing to go from, “I’m not sure about that…”, to, “You know, I kind of like this!”

And, when you sample something you don’t like, you skip the purchase. And guess what? When people see you living selfishly, or with a negative attitude, they’re reaction? “I’m not so sure about this.”

Every day, your life is a “sample” to everyone around you. Remember, people will pretty much try anything.

Sample well. Go make a difference. Always run by faith!

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