Recently, I had to catch an early flight. Early as in, be at the airport by 3:45am. 3:45am was the easiest part of my flight.

I got my seat, buckled in, and was ready for take off. The dark sky was beautiful as I overlooked the city. It reminded me of fireflies flickering in a field in late June.

With the cabin dark, most people were trying to catch up on sleep. The poor lady next to me couldn’t keep her head up. She looked like a bobblehead. Somehow she, and most everyone else, managed to sleep until the Captain spoke.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask that you stay seated as we are about to experience moderate turbulence”. Moderate turbulence was more like driving on Michigan roads. Jarred to left. Jarred to the right. We were driving straight into a storm!!

This “moderate turbulence” lasted for 15 solid minutes. Just when it seemed like it was letting up, another wave of discomfort kicked in. (Yet, somehow the lady next to me kept sleeping. Bobbleheading, but sleeping)

Finally, the storm ended. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are all clear now. I’m going to turn off the seatbelt sign, and you may get up and move around.” Just like that, the turbulence was over. The seatbelt sign went off, and order was restored. Whew!

Sometimes life rolls along just fine. Peaceful. Serene. Restful. When all of a sudden, turbulence! Everything that was once peaceful pushes you to the left and right. The storm batters you, and that seatbelt sign doesn’t seem like it is ever going to be turned off. But, just like a calming voice from the Captain, God speaks “Be Still and know that I am God”. (Psalm 46:10)

In the middle of the storm of your life, listen for the voice of God. Keep your seatbelt fastened, and trust that your turbulence will eventually lead to the seatbelt sign being turned off!

Fasten your seatbelts. Go make a difference. Always, run by faith.

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