I received something in the mail that really caught my attention. It wasn’t junk mail. It wasn’t a bill. It was a notice!

The front of the envelope said, in all bold, “SAFETY RECALL NOTICE”. Apparently, my car has a problem with the driver airbag. It could explode during deployment, causing sharp metal fragments to fly through the air resulting in serious injury or death. Sounds like something I should act on, right? Well…

I received this letter over a week ago. Yeah, I know it is dangerous. I know it could really harm me, but as of this writing, I have ignored it. Why? Good question. I guess because I figure it can’t possibly happen to me. That’s not smart. All this letter, this notice, has gotten is full of some dust.

While this letter is not one of the 10 commandments, it is a written warning. Something I should probably pay attention to.

The Bible is filled with written warnings that many of us overlook. Myself included. Now, while I try to stay on target and follow the leading and teaching of Jesus, I fall short everyday. But, I have improved over the last several years. I am happy to say that I have grown. Why? Because I haven’t just let “God’s notice”, the Bible, sit there and collect dust. I read it everyday, and it has changed my life. If I let that book, full of notices, just sit there, and only collect dust, life could be filled with bad choices and decisions that could cause, “serious injury or death”.

Before Christmas, I encourage you to crack open the Bible, or even the Bible app, and discover why it’s the greatest written, “Safety Recall Notice” of all time.

Pay attention to the warnings. Go make a difference. Always Run by Faith.

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