As I was out for a Father’s Day run, and heard the classic song, “Leader Of The Band” by Dan Fogelberg. It was written by Dan as a tribute to his Dad.

The song, which climbed to #9, was released in 1981, almost 1 year before his Father died. It has become somewhat of a “tribute song” to say “thank you” to Father’s for leading the way. What an honor for your son to write a song about your legacy as a Dad.

The chorus says, “The leader of the band is tired, and his eyes are growing old. But his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul. My life has been a poor attempt, to imitate the man. I’m just a leaving legacy to the leader of the band.”

If my kids were to write a song about me, what would it say? If you could write a song about your Father, what would it say? What kind of legacy am I leaving?!

I am grateful that we have a Heavely Father who loved us so much that He gave his only Son, Jesus. Believe in Him and you will not die, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) Now THAT is a #1 message.

I raise my coffee mug to Dads! Leave a legacy. Go make a difference. Always run by faith!

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