When Life Makes You Want To Say Bad Words

Sometimes, life stinks. Ever feel that way? Yeah, me too. Whoa! Wait. You’re surprised that I’m saying that? C’mon, circumstances happen.

Admittedly, I’ve had a bit of a rough stretch. Nothing life altering, but just some tough stuff. Stuff that is frustrating. Stuff that is time consuming. Stuff that makes you want to say bad words. While I didn’t say bad words, I feel my attitude hasn’t been in top form. In the midst of it, I have had to choose joy.

I took several long walks, and runs, praying for breakthrough and wisdom. And guess what? God answered. It wasnt in the way I was planning, but God knows a whole lot more than this dude!

I got wisdom through troubleshooting computer issues. I read some pretty amazing stories in the Bible about people who had much bigger struggles of their own. And, I received encouragement through texts, sticky notes, and hugs of support and love from my wife. It has been a lot, but to quote Elton John, “I’m Still Standing”.

What I’ve learned through it all is something I blogged about months ago, “I can do hard things”. I can do hard things because I have watched YOU do harder things. Much harder than the circumstances I’ve faced.

I’ve watched a husband walk alongside his wife in her fight against cancer. And, each day, choosing JOY.

I’ve witnessed a mom struggle daily while her child battles cancer. Not knowing if he will make it through the night. In the midst of it, she is choosing JOY.

I’ve watched a friend, who has been out of work for several months due to the pandemic, encourage others to choose JOY!

It’s easy to say bad words. It’s hard to choose JOY. Or is it? Well, when you put JOY into your core being, it makes it easier to navigate through the rough spots. I didn’t say easy, but easier. JOY is one of the things that is called, “a fruit of the spirit”. If you live JOY, it can’t help but come out of you.

What are you facing today? How can you choose JOY? Not bad words?

Go make a difference. Choose Joy. And always Run By Faith.

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