Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs…

Labels. They’re helpful when buying clothes and food. But in the front yard? I don’t know about that.

For the last several months, “labels”, in the form of political signs, have made statements for all of us to see. Candidates you like. And, candidates you don’t. Now, if you think this is a going to be a political blog, I promise, it won’t be. But, I’m hoping this makes you think a bit differently.

I’ve noticed that when someone sees a “label” in someone’s front yard, immediately, a conclusion is drawn about them. “Oh, I can’t believe she’s voting for him!!” “Who in their right mind…” blah blah blah. Perhaps it’s made you look at them differently? Sometimes negatively. Sometimes, positively.

But I’d like to challenge you on something. What about the house with NO label…um, yard sign. Without a sign, you may never know how that person sees the world. Their views. Their thoughts. Their affiliation. Doesn’t that seem more, “pure”? Just think about it, you don’t “cast judgment” near as easily as when you see their sign, flag, or banner.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with telling people about “your candidate” with a yard sign. But, I have been working on getting to know people, whether I agree with “their sign”, or not. In fact, I have a good friend who views the world differently than I do. When we met, I never knew their “yard sign”. We simply got to know each other. And guess what? I found that we had many things in common. However, to be honest, would I have approached them the same way if I knew their “yard sign”, before I got to know their heart?

“If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them”. Luke 6:32

If we’re really going to love one another, we have to “remove the labels”. Now that’s a sign I can endorse!

Be label-free. Make a difference. And always Run By Faith.

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  1. Exceptional! And spot on!!! I’ve learned this year that forgiveness is never followed by a period, its on going and that I will never pick up the first stone to throw!


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