Don’t Be A Karen. Be A Mary.

As we move onward to Christmas, I’m beginning a short series of messages to help us all focus more on Christmas in the midst of Chaos and COVID.

I feel bad for anyone named Karen. It’s become “a thing” to call someone who complains, “a Karen “. That’s not saying that anyone named Karen is a complainer, Stephanie’s can be Karen’s. It is simply a title. It is what you’re “known for”.

I just heard a Christmas message on, “Saying yes to God “. It was about how Mary said yes to God when she was told that she would be carrying the Savior of the world. “Saying Yes” is something that Mary was known for. Can you even imagine? An Angel shows up, which is crazy to begin with, and then she is told that she will give birth to a child, though she is a virgin. “He will be great and called the Son of the Most High”. What is Mary’s response? “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled!” Whoa! Now THAT is the most accurate definition of what it means to run by faith!

Mary took a bold step and simply said, “Yes”. She didnt know the future. She just knew that God would be with her. And you know what? He held to His promise.

What about you? What is God asking of you? This Christmas, are you willing to take a step in God’s direction? To do something He has been pulling at your heart to do? To reach out to someone in need? Or, like the song says, “let every heart prepare him room”. Maybe it’s opening your heart to more of God. Whatever it is, today could be the beginning of becoming what you’re known for.

Go be a Mary. Go make a difference. And always Run By Faith.

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